Live data statistics of currently identified viruses in ZOVER

Last update: Thu Mar 24 08:20:51 2022

Current related viruses Current related sequences Current related host species Current related sampling countries Current related viral families
Bat-associated viruses 2222222222
Rodent-associated viruses 2222222222
Mosquito-associated viruses 2222222222
Tick-associated viruses 2222222222

Sequences of bat/rodent/mosquito/tick-associated viruses available in GenBank

NOTE: Sequences from GenBank lacking the information of submit date were excluded from the chart.

Publications about bat/rodent/mosquito/tick-associated viruses in PubMed

NOTE: only publications related to bat/rodent/mosquito/tick-associated viruses sequences were included, for concordance publications before 1995 were not shown.

Overall data distribution

Current data distribution by geographic region

Statistical pie chart by geographic region

Current data distribution by virus family

Statistical pie chart by viruses taxon