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Known and putative virulence factors (or regulation genes) in Shigella genomes

Virulence genes in chromosome
Virulence genes in the virulence plasmid
Gene products influencing expression of the plasmid-linked virulence genes

Product Gene Location Function Sd197 Sf301 Sb227 Ss046
Shiga toxin stxAB stx-phage P27 N-glycosidase, block protein synthesis SDY1398, SDY1390 - - -
ShET1 set1A,
SHI-1 Ion secretion - SF2973a, SF2973b - -
ShET2 senB Ion secretion - - - SSO2665
Serine protease pic SHI-1 Mucinase - SF2973 - SSO3595*
Serine protease sigA SHI-1 Ion secretion - SF2968 SBO0233, SBO4150 SSO3223
Aerobactin iutA, iucABCD SHI-2/
Iron acquisition - SF3719, SF3715
SBO4314, SBO4337
SSO3605, SSO3601
Siderophore receptor iroN,
Iron acquisition SDY1022, SDY1023
- - -
ABC transporter sitABCD Iron acquisition SDY1454
Hemin receptor shuA, shuS, shuTWXYUV Iron acquisition SDY3547
- - -
ABC transporter Iron acquisition SDY1240
- -
Invasion plasmid antigen ipaH ipaH island Unkown SDY0834, SDY1062, SDY2001, SDY2003, SDY2753 SF0722, SF1383, SF1880, SF2022*, SF2610 SBO0653, SBO0953, SBO1026, SBO1256, SBO1619, SBO2084 SSO0751, SSO1272, SSO1317, SSO2179, SSO2646
Putative adhesin yadA-like OI#144-like island Unkown - SF3641 SBO3605 SSO3803
Putative chaperone clp-like OI#7-like island Unkown - - - SSO0242
Inner memberane protein IcmF-like OI#7-like island Unkown - - - SSO0236
Exoprotein RTX-like OI#28-like island Unkown SDY0420
- - -
Transport system OI#28-like island Unkown SDY0416, SDY0417 - - -
T2SS gspC-M Unkown SDY3092
- SBO3011*, SBO3012*, SBO3013

Virulence Plasmid
Product Gene Function pSD1_197 pCP301 pSB4_227 pSS_046
TTSS mxi-spa region Invasion and internalizaiton SDYP174~193 CP0136~156 - SSOP098~117
TTSS secreted protein
ipaA Actin depolymerization SDYP163 CP0125 - SSOP087
ipaB Inducing apoptosis SDYP166 CP0128 - SSOP090
ipaC Actin polymerization, activation of Cdc42 and Rac SDYP165 CP0127 - SSOP089
ipaD Forming a complex with IpaB, cotrol the flux of proteins through the type III secretion SDYP164 CP0126 - SSOP088
ipgD Inositol 4-phosphatase, membrane blebbing SDYP171 CP0133 - SSOP095
icsB Camouflaging IcsA from autophagic host defense system SDYP170 CP0132 - SSOP094
virA Microtubule destabilization, membrane ruffling SDYP211 CP0181 - SSOP142
Unknown SDYP013 CP0010 SBOP017 SSOP009
ipaH7.8 Facilitating the escape of the bacteria from phagocytic vacuole of macrophages SDYP038 CP0078 SBOP067 SSOP058
ipaH9.8 Transported to the nucleus, function unknown SDYP099 CP0226 SBOP113 SSOP167
ipaH4.5 Unkown SDYP037 CP0079 SBOP066 SSOP059
ipgB Unkown SDYP168 CP0130 - SSOP092
ospG Unkown SDYP101 CP0227 - SSOP170
ShET2 senA Ion secretion SDYP056 CP0093 SBOP076 SSOP050
senB Homologs of ShET2 SDYP010 CP0009 SBOP016 SSOP008
Cleavaging of IcsA SDYP224 CP0271 SBOP149 SSOP241
sepA Tissue invasion - CP0070 - -
msbB Fatty acyl modification of O-antigen SDYP110 CP0238 SBOP119 SSOP182
apy ATP-diphosphohydrolase SDYP004 CP0004 SBOP006 SSOP004
phoN-Sf Non-specific acid phoshatase SDYP067 CP0190 - -
rfbU O-antigen biosynthesis SDYP108 CP0236 - SSOP180
ushA UDP-sugar hydrolase (5'-nucleotidase) SDYP064 CP0185 - SSOP147
virF Activating transcription of virB and icsA - CP0046 SBOP052 SSOP041
virK Posttranscriptional reguation of icsA expression SDYP109 CP0237 SBOP118 SSOP181
virB Activating ipa, spa, and mxi operons SDYP161 CP0123 - SSOP085
Others icsA/
Nucleation of actin filaments SDYP214 CP0182 - SSOP143

Product Gene Description Sd197 Sf301 Sb227 Ss046
CpxA/CpxR cpxA Two component system SDY3835 SF3990 SBO3929 SSO4081
cpxR SDY3834 SF3991 SBO3930 SSO4082
DNA gyrase gyrA DNA topoisomerase SDY2423 SF2311 SBO2065 SSO2289
gyrB SDY4181 SF3765 SBO3678 SSO3649
EnvZ/OmpR envZ Two component system SDY3672 SF3423 SBO3391 SSO3535
ompR SDY3671 SF3424 SBO3392 SSO3536
H-NS hns Nucleoid-associated protein; repressor of virB transcription SDY1289 SF1237 SBO1832 SSO1942
IHF ihfA DNA bending prtein; regulates SDY1807 SF1519 SBO1381 SSO1446
ihfB virF and virB transcription SDY2346 SF0908 SBO2200 SSO0914
IspA yciB Possible role in cell division SDY1318 SF1257 SBO1811 SSO1912
Mia miaA tRNA N6-isopentyladenosine synthetase SDY4418 SF4326 SBO4285 SSO4356
Rho rho Influences transcription of the virB gene SDY3966 SF3856 SBO3793 SSO3954
StpA stpA Analogue of H-NS SDY2859 SF2697 SBO2850 SSO2813
Topoisomerase I topA DNA topoisomerase SDY1344 SF1276 SBO1792 SSO1869
Topoisomerase IV parC DNA topoisomerase SDY3218 SF3063 SBO2881 SSO3161
parE SDY3210 SF3070 SBO2888 SSO3168
TyrT tyrT Tyrosyl tRNA SDY1283 SF4466 SBO1838 SSO1948
VacB vacB Post-transcriptional regulator of ipa and icsA genes SDY4410 SF4334 SBO4277 SSO4364
VacC tgt tRNA-guanine transglycosylase; post-transcriptional regulator of virF genes SDY0328 SF0343 SBO0300 SSO0383
VacJ vacJ 28 kDa lipoprotein required for intercellular spreading SDY2550 SF2424 SBO2388 SSO2403
Virulence plasmid
VirB virB VirF-dependent regulator; activates main virulence genes SDYP161 CP0123 - SSOP085
VirF virF AraC-like transcription regulator; activates transcription of virB and icsA - CP0046 SBOP052 SSOP041
VirK virK Required for post-transcriptional control of the icsA gene SDYP109 CP0237 SBOP118 SSOP181
MxiE mxiE AraC-like protein SDYP182 CP0144 - SSOP106

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