Jian YANG Ph.D., Professor

Tel: 86-10-67875146/86-10-81219356
Email: yangj@ipbcams.ac.cn, ipb_yangjian@hotmail.com

Research interests:
  • Comparative genomics and molecular evolution of bacterial pathogens.
  • Microbial genomic database construction and data mining.
  • Microbiome analysis and metagenomics based pathogen discovery.

  • Selected publications:
    • Wang C, Chen M, Shao Y, Jiang M, Li Q, Chen L, Wu Y, Cen S, Waterfield NR, Yang J, Yang G: Genome wide analysis revealed conserved domains involved in the effector discrimination of bacterial type VI secretion system. Commun Biol 2023, 6(1):1195.
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    • F1000Prime recommended
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    • F1000Prime recommended
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